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How to prepare to go into the studio to make the
 most of your money

(Rules of the Road)




Know your parts:

Each artist on the project should know what parts they are going to play along with what over dubs and/or harmonies will need to be done. Nothing is a bigger waste of your money while you're on the studio clock than being ill prepared.

Know the other guys parts:

Knowing what the other guy is going to do or being able to play the part yourself is a big help when changes in arrangements need to be made from time to time and always helps to make the project more cohesive.

Are your instruments in need of repair?:

Change your strings! Put new batter heads on and TUNE your drums! Heads should really be less than a week old to account for stretching. If you took off the bottom head, put it back on or replace it! Replace broken brass! Bass and guitar players may want to have their instrument's truss rod and intonation adjusted before
going into the studio. Use as many new cords as your budget will allow. We have a few extras but not many. Horn players may want to send it to the shop for re-conditioning.

Stay in contact with the studio:

If you reserve a booking, make a few follow up calls as your booking date draws near. You don't have to, and you shouldn't, call every day! Just make sure you don't assume all is well and ready to go when you made your booking last month and haven't talked to the engineer since

Rescheduling your appointment:

Sometimes life just gets in the way of the best made plans. We understand that because it happens to us as well. However, not calling and giving us 24 hours notice to let us know or just being a "No Show" is a waste of everybody's hard earned money, time, is un-fair and completely unprofessional! Being a "No Show" will result in forfeiture of your deposit if you paid one or a $60.00 additional fee added to you account and the account must be "Paid In Full" before you can schedule more studio time! We hate to be this way but your lack of courtesy costs us the possibility of making up the difference by giving that time to someone else who needs it and is "Ready to Go"!

Bring refreshments with you:

We can provide you with meals and drinks but we must charge for them. Bring something you like to drink and keep it in the studio refrigerator so you won't have to leave for supplies.

Be on time and don't plan anything else:

Trying to get a good product and racing the clock because you booked the studio time on your girlfriend's Birth Day or the band is running a few hours behind doesn't work! Plan to be at the studio the whole time and don't be late. Someone else may have the next block booked and that's just eating into your time.

Following these simple rules of thumb will help you to get the most out of your recording experience, a product you can be proud of and keep the cost of GREAT production down for you and everyone else!



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