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Eric Heil
Owner/Chief Engineer
Angelic Productions CEO

Affectionately known as "E.ROCK" by his clients and friends, Eric has been a recording and live sound audio engineer for nearly 29 years.  It began as a necessity at the beginning of his performing days when the band needed sound and a demo to score some gigs. Since then his career has taken him many directions but has always come back to the one thing basic to all of it... Engineering.

Along with what he does with Angelic Productions, Eric is: An accomplished singer, Front of House and Monitor sound engineer, a touring Stage Manager and knowledgeable Backline Technician. His credits run the gamut from international recording artists to television.

Eric holds degrees in Communication and Electronic Media Production, Technical Theater and Computer Science ('87). He was certified by Digidesign as a Pro Tools Operator in music December 2003 and is a formerly licensed Georgia General Construction contractor.

Contact Eric for all technical specifications for your event:


Kevin Cody
Owner / Engineer

Kevin has been a brilliant musician and engineer for more than 16 years and holds a degrees in both Business Administration(’97) and Recording Arts (’99). Beginning his career as a guitarist/singer/songwiter, it sparked his interest in recording early. After moving to Atlanta in 2001, that interest finally led him to 3 years of planning and 6 months of construction to complete one of the best self contain mobile recording trucks in the Southeast: Overture Studios Remote. And in 2004 that vision was manifested to reality.

It was during construction that Kevin and Eric met to become fast friends. Each inspired the other to link their passion for live music and their love of making great records together to come up with one of the most complete production services around. That teamwork and dedication shows in everything they do together.

Kevin is also CEO of Pathfinder Productions: An organization founded to give a “hand up” to local Atlanta Metro musicians.

We at Angelic Productions love his drive, his passion to do only the best work and the brilliance of his handiwork!

Wesley Copland
Recording / Live Sound Engineer

Wesley is a highly qualified ProTools and live sound engineer as well as a skilled Stage and Backline Technician. His easy going nature makes clients and artists at ease and confident in a live production environement. Always as quick with the solution to a problem as he is with a way to make you smile, Wes' contributions to Angelic Productions as a team member and team leader are invaluable. Wesley is a Graduate of The Institute of Audio Research and Long Island University Brooklyn majoring in Business  Management/Media Arts. 
Wesley is also CEO of Sound, Production and Logistics Inc. or SPL. INC which was founded to provide Production and Technical services for Festivals and Tours. Wesley's Recording and Live Sound Credits span over 4 genres of music with Internationally renowned Recording Artists.


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