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Standard Rates

Use this only as a guide to help you better
calculate the size of the budget you will need to complete your project. Every project is completely different from any other.

Its simply impossible to apply one set of rules. This pricing structure is meant only to show you that our "BIG HAIRY NUMBERS" are far below the going rates of the larger facilities for comparable quality...

Live Recordings
(Per Day/Night)

48 Input Flight Case: $1,500.00
    (The "A Suite" System-Click for Equipment page)

- Recording System
- Connecting Cabling
- An Engineer

(Note: Does not include microphone preamps, mixing consoles, isolation split(s), microphones, microphone cables or stands. These items are available for a nominal charge.)

Qualified and insured clients may rent
this system for their own use.
Damage deposit and proof
of insurance required.

Optional Equipment (Flight Case):

Midas Venice Console (24 inputs): $150.00/each
(Two needed for all 48)

Microphone Isolation Split (48 input): $150.00
- Single Isolation out
- No return signal lines

Isolation Split w/Returns (48 input): $350.00
- Double isolation out
- Return signal lines

Microphone Package (48+): $200.00
- Top of the lines mics
- Microphone cables
- Microphone Stands

(Note: Specialty preamps and
other equipment is available
at your request.)

Overture Studios Truck and Trailer: $2,500.00
    (...pretty much the best deal going!)

- Everything listed for it on our Equipment page
- An Engineer
- An Assistant Engineer

A Suite / Overture Truck Combined: $3,000.00
    (For 48 inputs with a 48 input backup)

- Two (2) Engineers
- An Assistant Engineer

16 Input Club Pack: $300.00

- Alesis Studio 32 mixing console
- 16 Input Pro Tools HD system
- 16 input Hardwire split
- Microphone and Stand package
- An Engineer

Additional Personnel:

Recording/Live Sound Engineer: $350.00

Assistant Engineer: $200.00

(Note: Prices for live recording services do not include
fuel/logistics costs outside a 50 mile radius from the
center of downtown Atlanta, Ga. Please add $1.50 per
mile to accurately calculate transportation costs.

Accommodations for staff must be provided by the client
for events of more than one day or farther than 100 miles
from downtown Atlanta, Ga to comply with federal
commercial transportation regulations.)



Studio Production

Full Day Block (up to 12 hours): $400.00
Weekdays (Monday-Thursday)

Full Day Block (up to 12 hours): $500.00
Weekends (Friday-Sunday)

Half Day Block (up to 6 hours): $250.00

Hourly (minimum 3): $45.00/per hour

Edit/Mix Demo quality (3-6 hours/song): $100.00/song

Edit/Mix Album Quality: $300.00/song
- One final mix revision
- High Resolution Master File
    (24bit @ 96-192kHz)

(Additional revisions  and overtime
billed at a discounted hourly rate)

One Day Demo Package: $600.00

- 12 hours of tracking time
- 3 Demo Quality mixes
- Up to 5 Audio CD's
- an mp3 disc for internet distribution

(Overtime Rates apply after 12 hours)

Please visit our links page for  our partner services.

Basic Studio Policy:

> Sessions officially begin at the confirmed scheduled
    start time. Late arrivals and "No Shows" will still
    be billed at the confirmed negotiated price. Overtime
    rates will still apply to late arrivals whose sessions go
    past the scheduled session time. No further services
    can be rendered until all outstanding balances are
    paid in full.

> It is the client's responsibility to provide a Mac OSX
    compatible Firewire Hard Drive to take possession
    of their event or studio session(s).

> It is HIGHLY recommended that the client have two (2)
    Hard Drives to back up all work.

> Demo Package sessions may be purchased at $100.00
    per song.

> Angelic Productions reserves the right to clear all
    sessions from our Hard Drives after seven (7)
    calendar days from completion of your project.

> Angelic Productions will purchase and format the
    appropriate Hard Drive for your session at the cost
    of $250.00 per drive.

> All sessions or live events must be scheduled no less
    than 7 days in advance or be subject to a 10%
Production Planning" fee. (It costs us
    time and money to plan your event properly.)

> No session will be scheduled without a signed
    Confirmation and a 50% Deposit.

> Cancellations of less than 24 hours notice will forfeit
    100% of the Deposit. Cancellations of seven (7)
    calendar days will be billed 10% of the confirmed
    negotiated price. Rescheduling cannot be done until
    the current outstanding balance is paid in full.

> Balances are due upon delivery of service or product.

> Outstanding balances greater than 30 calendar days
    will be assessed a 10% late fee on the total outstanding
    balance and reassessed every 30 days thereafter.

> No media will be released without the balance being
    paid in full.

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